So What is Coconut Oil?

As I had previously said in my 1st post, I love coconut oil.  The funny thing is I really had not heard about coconut oil until about 2 years ago.  So what is coconut oil?  Obviously it is oil derived from coconuts but what exactly is it?

Coconut OilSo yeah we know that coconuts cocos nucifera are a fruit that come a palm tree.  We know that the coconut has several layers that make the coconut.  The inner most layer is the edible part.  That is where the coconut oil comes from.  So what is coconut oil?  Coconut oil is an oil known for being high in saturated fats.  Although saturated fat has been highly reported to be terrible for you,  it is not really that simple.  There are actually different kinds of saturated fats.  The kind in coconut oil (specifically virgin coconut oil) is called medium chain triglycerides also known as MCT.  It is said that these fats are capable of treating certain food absorption disorders liver disease or gastrectomy.  However, most research on the effects of medium chain triglycerides and how they effect the body  have been considered preliminary stages.

As I had said earlier some coconut oil is referred to as “virgin” coconut oil.  This basically means that the oil has not been processed.  By processed I mean that the oil has not been bleached or refined.  Another term you have probably heard associated with coconut oil is “cold pressed”  It really all depends on the company who make that specific oil and how they went about extracting it (See above video on a great example of how to extract coconut oil).  When an oil has been cold pressed is generally means that the oil was pressed out of the source without using a type of heat source.  Mainly the oil was pressed by some mechanical method.

There are plenty of uses for coconut oil which I will go into later while also detailing some of my own personal experiences with coconut oil.  Til next time!