How to Open a Coconut

how to open a coconutIf you ask five different people how to open a coconut you just my get five different answers.  One of the answers would probably be “I don’t know”.  While opening a coconut can be somewhat fun,  it can also be quite difficult depending on how you choose to do it.

As you know within the shell of the coconut is the meat if further inside is the water.  Depending on how you open the coconut things can get a bit messy.  To prevent this from happening some people would choose to drain the coconut first.  In order to do this, first you would want to place the coconut on a flat and solid surface.  A heavy duty cutting board would be ideal.

how to open coconutNext you will require a tool specifically made for cutting and drilling into coconuts.  If you do not have this tool a phillips screwdriver works just as well. (For those who have access to a screw gun, this a a great tool as well to assist in opening a coconut.)  Coconuts have a dark spot called the “soft eye”.  The term “black hole” makes a bit more sense to me.  The problem is the coconut actually has several holes and only one of them is the “soft eye”.  You will need to puncture it with your sharp tool or screwdriver or a screw gun to find out which hole has a weak spot.

Once that eye is fully punctured you can now drain the fluid into a bowl.  You could also start drinking the coconut water immediately as it is delicious and nutritious.  Now we can finally open the coconut without making a wet mess.  Some people choose to skip this process and just go straight to tapping it open which is works as long as you have a big bowl in front of you to catch the juice.  You will need a heavy knife with a blunt edge.  Carefully hold the coconut in the palm of your hand over a sink or large bowl.  Firmly tap the mid point of the coconut while rotating it in your hand.  Continue to tap and rotate until coconut splits into two halves.  You now have access to the coconut meat.

This type of process tends to be done specifically for a brown coconut as they have a harder shell then the green coconuts.  We will discutting open coconutscuss the difference between them another time.  Next let’s get into how to open a green coconut.  As I said before there are quite a few options and it all depends on who you ask.  The preferred way to open a coconut that is green is with a cleaver.  You will want to chop it open from the side that does not have the stem.  As you continue to chop you will eventually get to the shell and cut that open so you can drain the water or drink from the coconut.

Worst case scenario? If for some reason you are stranded on an island filled with coconut trees but you have no tools,  you can always throw the coconut to the hardest surface you can find.  This will also open the coconut.  For more information on how to open a coconut, check out the videos posted!

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